Christmas in New York

Wow, what a crazy whirlwind of activities since my last post.

The biggest happening was my trip to NYC for Christmas to be with my daughter, Pepper, my son-in-law, Noe and my grandson, Jai who was eight in December.


It was just a wonderful time.  Pep took us to “Elf,” the play on Christmas Eve day and then to “The Good Dinosaur” on Christmas day.  The rest of the days were filled with Noe’s amazing cooking, Peppi’s delicious baking, a “bit” of drinking and lots of walking with Chico, Jai’s dog.

Jai has been taking robotics classes and received a robot for Christmas, along with an iPad to be able to program it.  So he is online now and it is super cool to be able to text and Facetime with him!

The flight home took two full days because of the tornadoes in Dallas and spent a sleepless night in the Shreveport, LA airport.  It was hard to be upset with the delays, knowing the suffering that occurred in Texas. 

My friend, Patty, with the help of her sons and granddaughter, were kind enough to puppy-sit Rainey Blue while I was gone.  Cannot thank them enough.

Of course it was great to be back with my amazing pup, and the days since then have been pretty much filled up with doggy-time.  Trips to the dog park, walks during the day, cuddling and short periods of training.  Rainey is super smart and learned to sit, stay and come in no time.  She then learned to sit, stay and come with just hand signals.  Our latest accomplishment is that she learned to retrieve tennis balls; only two throws and she had it! (doggy treats can work wonders!)


Unfortunately, we are still dealing with physical challenges.  Rain had issues on the skin on her back when I first adopted her (12/8/16).  The initial focus though was her serious infection from being spayed so the vet said we would hold off on the skin problem. 


This is Rainey doing yoga in the vet’s office — it’s called the “frog pose.”

With good food (Blue) and some good human food, her fur was coming back great.  But then out of nowhere developed a bare, red, scaly spot that you can see in the photo.  The vet did a couple more skin scrapings (He had done one initially to rule out mange) and she is now back on antibiotics and steroids.  It is a week’s wait to find out if it is ring worm (please, no!) but just in case, she is on the medication, has a special shampoo and conditioner and we are not going to the dog park until she is cleared.

  IMG_1410 (1)

It’s been raining here for several days.  I took her to this open field across from the dog park (this was taken before the rains) so she could get exercise since we’re not going to the dog park.  She discovered mud puddles but had a great time retrieving tennis balls.


Besides the mud, you can see in this photo that she also has a growth under her nose that has increased in size this past month.  The vet said we’ll wait a couple of month and then remove it if it continues to grow.

So this little girl has had lots of physical challenges to conquer but she’s a super star and takes it all in stride.  And apologies if you are tired of me saying this but Rainey is as close to perfect as a dog can be.  I really, really scored big-time and am amazed every day at how lucky I am.

Last week, visited my good friends, Lynne and Diane, who moved from Cleveland to Apache Junction, AZ.  They live in a beautiful RV park with just about every amenity possible: swimming pool, hot tub, pickle ball courts, ping pong, three dog runs and much more. We had a wonderful afternoon together.  There happened to be a space available in the park for next winter and I am meeting the woman tomorrow to give her a deposit.

I have gotten very comfortable in Mesa and extended my stay at The Arizona Cowboy. My initial plan was to stay put for a while after I found my dog to have an adjustment period for both of us, and this is a good place to do just that. Rainey and I plan on taking side trips to Quartzite, Antelope Canyon, Sedona, etc., but after all the traveling the first couple of months, it is nice to just be in one place for a while.

Well, no extra stories this time.  Just a plain ol’ run-of-the-mill blog post. Since the trailer is parked in one spot, it’s been easier to not screw up.  But I know those days are not over so stay tuned!!!

Wishing everyone a HEALTHY and happy new year!

Love!  Ellen & Rainey Blue
IMG_1396 (1)

4 thoughts on “Christmas in New York

  1. Corri

    Was so happy to read a new post from you ! A speedy recovery to Rainey from all ailments.
    I LOVE that last photo. How beautiful

  2. Cheri

    So glad Rainey is such a sweetly pie and continues to be a perfect companion! I hope the medical issues clear up soon! Poor baby! I’m heading back to the cold north east tomorrow!! You chose the right part of the country to snuggle down in! Love you and the Blue!!! 😘

    1. Ellen Darby Post author

      Hi Cher! Safe travels back home!!! Step by step on the medical issues — we will conquer! Love you!!!


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