How the Time Flies!!!

Seems like only yesterday, it was “Christmas in New York.”  And yet that was over two months ago.  My-oh-my, how the time flies.

As usual, much has happened since my last post.  Where to start?  Well, the biggest thing was a four day spur-of-the-moment drive to Cleveland, Ohio. But I’ll start this blog further back in time.

Last we spoke, Rainey and I were dealing with regular vet visits.  I told the vet we should have a designated parking spot with our names on a sign because we are there so often.  Turns out, Rain DID have ringworm so in addition to the antibiotics and steroids, the vet added one more med to the daily routine.  We also are using special shampoo and conditioner.  Rain had to stay away from other dogs for an additional two weeks after adding the third med so we had to be creative and found several locations in the area where she could retrieve and burn off energy and not have to be near other dogs.

Apache Junction, where my good friends Lynne and Diane live and where I will be heading next October. This is one of five dog runs!  Rain learned to retrieve very quickly and just loves it!!! (especially the treats when she brings back the ball or frisbee!)

Ever since I decided to start RV’ing, had been hearing about Quartzite, Arizona.  There are hundreds of acres of public use land (meaning being able to stay at low or no cost) and I had planned on spending some time there in February.  At the end of January, old friends Mike and Barb D’Amore arrived in Quartzite from Cleveland, so rather than pull my trailer there, Rain and I took a day trip in the Tahoe.

rain and mike           Barb, Mike and Tommy

Mike & Rain                                                                         Mike, Tommy and Barb

After Rain and Tommy got acquainted and had a little bit of play-time, Mike and Barb took me on a tour of Quartzite and we did lots of walking through the bazaar type areas.  Fun afternoon. I had signed up for ukulele lessons at a Quartzite meet up of fiberglass trailers in February but unfortunately had to cancel because of the trip to Cleveland . . . so very glad I had the opportunity to visit Quartzite when I did. Hard to describe what it’s like (imagine hundreds of RV’s of every size, shape and brand, parked haphazardly and as far as the eye can see), and quite the experience!

About a week before I left for Cleveland, Patty (Rain’s godmother) and I planned to go hiking and spent a fun afternoon in the Tortilla Flat area of Arizona.

patty & rain            Rain in jail

Patty and Rain                                                                      I finally got her sprung for two dollar bail!

So . . . Cleveland, Ohio!  Why oh why oh why-o, why would I ever return to Ohio!?!  Especially in the middle of winter!  Well, my son, Johnny, started a new business and needs some admin help.  So I left the trailer in Mesa, loaded up the Tahoe, and Rainey and I took off.  It’s a long, long drive.  Four full days of driving.  But Rain turned out to be a most excellent traveler which made the days relatively relaxing.  For three nights, we stopped at motels.  Was fortunate to find exercising areas for Rain every night . . .

This is behind one of the motels on the way east.  Yep, that’s really Rainey Blue behind the space-ship-looking frisbee.  

We would then get dinner, go back to our room and share dinner as we watched TV on the bed. I haven’t had a TV for several years so this was a treat for both of us!  :)  Ahh, the simple joys — watching TV in bed with your sweet puppy!

FullSizeRender (9)      FullSizeRender (8)

Two different exercise spots on the way out east.  The left photo was in a huge field behind a Cracker Barrel.  The photo on the right is in front of a Denny’s Restaurant.  Go figure.  No very likely to find these large areas in Cleveland.

So, I have been in Cleveland since the beginning of February working with Johnny and doing a large  assortment of tasks.  The biggest job has been completely redoing his website.  Those of you from Whole Foods may remember Taylor Oliphant from the Front End.  Taylor is an amazing web guy and did an wonderful job. And he’s also super sweet.   The name of the company is Pavlish Consulting Group.  Check out the website.  There are four seminars scheduled so far, the first being in Novi, Michigan 3/5 and then seminars in Charlotte, NC, Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA.

Of course it’s been wonderful to also see my daughter-in-law and  granddaughters, Caroline, Madeline, Jillian and 9-month-old Hanna.  Unfortunately, have not been able to spend time with friends since I’ve been working practically 24/7.  Yep, Johnny cracks the whip.  (just kidding)

Rain and Maddy                        Rain and jones

Madeline                                                          Jillian (sorry Caroline – will get you yet!!!)

Tio Jaimi

Jimmy, Johnny’s uncle.

I just reread this post. Do I really have a dog in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO???  Yes, I believe I do. Well, OK, below is a photo without a dog.  This is what happens when a dog is used to going to a park every single day to exercise and burn energy. . . then arrives in Cleveland where the temps are consistently below freezing and even down to 8 and 10 degrees.  No exercise = frustrated puppy.

rain's bed

And believe it or not, this entire total and complete destruction of her bed happened in a maximum of ten minutes . . . while I was in the living room on the computer and Rain was down the hall in our bedroom. I’m still finding pieces of foam!

How long will I stay in Cleveland?  Not really sure.  Maybe another two weeks, maybe more. My trailer is safe and sound at Arizona Cowboy in Mesa, AZ so other than needing a refill of thyroid meds in a week, there’s no rush.

And right now I’m looking at a 2/3 full bottle of red wine sitting on the counter and thinking . . . well, why not!

Til we meet again,  :)

Ellen & Rain




5 thoughts on “How the Time Flies!!!

  1. Judy

    Ellen it has been a while, miss you dearly and am so loving your post.. Stay safe and happy and hugs to the safest of travels.
    Buy the way have you seen Cheri yet??

  2. Ellen Darby Post author

    Hi Judy! Thanks for posting! I did see Cher once. There’s been so much work to do but do hope to see her more before I leave.
    Miss you and love you!

  3. Steven McKenna

    I remember a more simple time when your idea of adventure was taking on the mighty Grand River in a canoe. I remember the river doing her best to spit you out into the rough waters of Lake Erie but you and your friend would not give her the satisfaction. With a little panic and a lot of elbow grease you showed her that you were not a force to be underestimated. They say she ran a little higher than average that year due to the rain, I however think it was the tears she cried due to the humiliation that she suffered.
    It has been several years since that day and many rivers and roads have been traveled. It does my heart good to see that you are still a force to be dealt with and you are still traveling using your own map and not someone elses.

    1. Ellen Darby Post author

      I also remember having a dead chicken-slinging fight over the campfire and laughing our butts off!!!
      Great to hear from you dear Mac! So many great memories from back then! Hope all is well. Sending love!


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