Back in Good Ol’ Ohio for the Summer!

Hey, it’s been a while, eh?  Last we spoke, I was in Cleveland-effin (as in freezing)-Ohio!

Wound up staying about a month in Cleveland (Feb-March) and then decided to detour to Epcot with Rainey  on the way back to Mesa, Arizona.

FullSizeRender (3)This is us in “Japan”

Didn’t realize that would make the trip twice as long, and it wound up taking us 9 days to get back to Arizona.  But Rainey was a trooper and was amazingly patient while spending 8-12 hours a day in the car!  She would alternate between sleeping, looking out the window and about once an hour coming up to give me kisses.

I was going to do a breakdown in this email of miles traveled so far and mpg but will hold off until next time since compiling the numbers was taking longer than I expected.

Stayed another month in Mesa, AZ after returning from Cleveland in March and had some fun excursion cactus on way to canyon lake(Canyon Lake and Sedona again, this time with Patty to visit an old friend, Patsy, who just built a gorgeous home and paddock for her sweet Arabian, “Helya”-can’t believe I didn’t take pictures there!) 

IMG_1823   Cooling off at Canyon Lake

My dear friends in Apache Junction, Lynne and Diane, took me out for a wonderful lunch on my birthday to a deeeelicious Mexican restaurant.  

Mex Res't

Rain had gotten a little too rambunctious at the dog park in Mesa, so decided to start her on agility classes as another way to burn off energy.  We only had a couple of weeks of classes before leaving Arizona and this is a photo of the trainer taking Rain through a beginner’s course. 


She scolded Rain at one point, Rain rebelled, dug in her heels and refused to move which totally ticked off the trainer who announced to the entire class, “I don’t like dogs who quit!” I do believe she is related to The Donald.  NEVERTHELESS, did learn a lot from the class but don’t think it was the best fit.   :roll: 

Rainey’s health issues continued to haunt us.  There was a growth starting on the side of her face, and we wound up having biopsies done just before we left Arizona.  The vet called as we were hiking at the Petrified Forest on the way back east and was thrilled to hear that it was not cancer.  The diagnosis was:

“Follicular hamartoma” Basaloid follicular hamartoma (BFH) is a rare, benign adnexal tumor. A variety of clinical patterns have been noted with identical histopathologic features and possible associations with numerous disorders. The tumor is morphologically similar to infundibulocystic basal cell carcinoma.

The vet said that if it continues to grow and become unsightly, she could get plastic surgery.  Hummm, maybe the two of us can share a room!

pet forest - trailer pet forest

That’s my little co-pilot in front of the trailer on the left at the Petrified Forest, and the photo on the right is the Painted Desert.

Update:  found a great vet in Brimville, Ohio who removed her stitches.


Three little pink stitches from the biopsies

And were back at the vet’s again this week because of both of Rain’s eyes running.  This little girl is just so sensitive to everything.  She is still trying to regrow hair on her back, and we are now trying coconut oil every day (plus a small amount internally which she just loves!).

Made it back to Ohio in four days.  Decided to spend the last night in a motel in order to have access to the internet and a lonnnnng, hot shower.  Rainey absolutely loves motels!  Though she loves sleeping next to me, she doesn’t argue about having her very own bed.  And she’s quite the voyeur–loves looking out the window to see what’s going on.

ohoi motel ohio motel look out window

Arrived in Brimfield, Ohio on April 20th at the Cherokee RV Park (only 50 minutes from Johnny, Dil and the gang) where we will be staying for the summer.  Scored a very sweet site and really like it here — quiet, great owners and neighbors, deer, bunnies and loads of birds (cardinals, bluebirds, red-winged blackbirds, hawks, buzzards, etc) and lots of trees which should help keep us cool this summer since I don’t have air conditioning. 

cherokee 1st shot lake

Rain just loves sitting on the deck and watching all the action.  Of course she’s popular already and though people forget my name, they always remember her’s.

rain on picnic table

There’s also an awesome dog park only 10 minutes away:  Wingfoot State Park, and we’ve been going there almost every day.  The dogs there are usually twice her size (there’s a large dog section and a small dog section) and play pretty rough, but it’s ok with Rain and she runs and wrestles along with the biggest of them.

This park used to be owned by Goodyear and blimp is still docked on the property.  We see it floating over almost every day!


So, lots of you reading this know the awesome Cheri Patton.  Cher came down to visit the first week we were here and within a week, she and Rick had purchased their very own camper which is just down the path from us, about a 10 second walk.  We have all kinds of great plans for exploring the area and hanging out in our peaceful little piece of country!

As I am typing this, the rain is falling heavily on the top of the trailer. Rain and I are warm and cozy inside, she in “our bed,” and I at the computer.  I clumsily spilled coffee on my laptop and fried it a couple of weeks ago.  Had an estimate from Apple of from $300 to $1100 to fix it so nixed that option and went up to Cleveland and picked up my iMac from sweet Cathy Caminiti who has been computer-sitting it for me.  Wound up taking the laptop last week to Mike Idov’s dad who has a computer repair shop in Euclid.  Waiting to hear if he has had any luck resuscitating it.  :-)   In the meantime, the iMac takes up half the dinette table but very glad to have it!  The wifi here is pretty decent, which is rare for RV parks–many advertise “free wifi,” but the signals are so weak, people are unable to use it.

Plans from here on out?  Up in the air.  We will most likely stay here for the summer and then…who knows which way the wind will blow.

Thanks so much for following our adventures and until our next report,

cheers from Rain and Ellen

5 thoughts on “Back in Good Ol’ Ohio for the Summer!

  1. Lynne

    It was great to see you this past winter, hope you can make it back to AZ this coming year. Love seeing the pics and updates. Sending much love and hugs from us and puppy kisses from Sadie. 🐾❤️🐾

  2. Cathy

    Ellen, what are you up to? Still in Ohio? Are you going west or southwest for the winter? How is Rainey doing? Sounds as if you had a good summer place.
    Floating Cloud 21′

    1. Ellen Darby Post author

      Hi Cathy!
      Yes, major change in my original “10 year plan.” The dog I rescued in Arizona has severe separation anxiety. Makes traveling with her very challenging since I can’t leave her in the trailer for grocery shopping, etc., since she would eat the trailer! Am going to put my trailer up for sale in a week or two. I adore this dog and have to roll with how sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Hope you are doing well! Sorry we never got to meet up. :(

  3. Cathy

    Wow, that is big news, Ellen. Please write on e-mail as I almost forgot to look here.
    Don’t know where I put your address at the moment. Dogs have a way of running
    things! Been there.


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