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How the Time Flies!!!

rain head shot

Seems like only yesterday, it was “Christmas in New York.”  And yet that was over two months ago.  My-oh-my, how the time flies. As usual, much has happened since my last post.  Where to start?  Well, the biggest thing was a four day spur-of-the-moment drive to Cleveland, Ohio. But I’ll start this blog further back in time. Last we spoke, Rainey and I… Read more »

Bye Bye Camano Island, Hello Seattle!


Solar power working: CHECK Propane controller replaced:  CHECK New lock pin for hitch:  CHECK Ready to rock’n’roll!!! * Starting off with one of those extra stories that if you don’t like to read a lot of detail, you can just skip. (*Extra Story #1) SO many RV challenges during that week in Camano Island that at one point I considered throwin’… Read more »