Ellen Darby

Why Me?

Well, not really sure!  When I mentioned to people that I was going to get a camper and live by mountains and rivers and oceans and deserts, so many replied with, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to do that!”  Well, I hadn’t.  Even though I’ve done a lot of camping through the years and loved it every single time, I had never considered getting an RV.

That is, until . . . I started looking for reasonably priced condos with a FENCED PATIO so that I could get a dog and not have to deal with the wrath of my neighbors and management each time I took my pup out for a walk.  I searched for months and only found two condos with fenced patios in my price range.  I bid on both but lost out on both.  Even bid full price on one but a buyer beat me to it by a matter of hours and their lower bid had been accepted.

So I tried to think of other alternatives . . . hummmm, a camper.  I’ve lived in small places before with no problem, even in a tiny monastery room for four years (a whole other story!).  Even though I’ve driven cross-country and back three times and have been to every state in the US (except for Delaware), there is a lifetime of things to see in this amazingly beautiful country.  And I could do it on my own terms.   And get out of Cleveland in the winter! And get my dog!  Sounded like a win-win-win!

My son, Johnny, and I went to an RV show in September, 2014 and thus began my search for the perfect RV.

After hours every day on the internet for several weeks, finally decided on a 13′ Scamp.  Thought it was so cute and planned on naming it “Scampie.”  (hummmm, sure no Scamp owners ever used THAT name before!)  A friend of mine, Chris, started researching for me as well and suggested I look at Escape Trailers in Chilliwack, B.C.  It was love at first sight.

Forever indebted to Chris!   Was ready to put down a deposit.  Johnny thought I should see an Escape “live,” so we drove down one Sunday to visit Carl, a very nice guy with a  21′ Escape.  Johnny and I were both sold.  They are extremely well built, each one custom designed to owners’ specs, and in such great demand that I had a year wait to get mine. So, switched from wanting the 13′ scamp to a 15′ Escape and finally decided on a 17′ Escape.

So that’s my story.  As I start this blog (June, 2015), I have four months until I pick up my Escape in Chilliwack, B.C. (10/14/15)  SO much to do to get ready to go, but it is very, very exciting.  I so much look forward to the adventures and will try to be diligent about posting about my travels on this blog.  Hope you will join me!


16 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. Jan

    Dear Sis, this sounds like an extraordinary life adventure! I wish you starry starry nights, warm days and the company of a kind-hearted dog.
    Much love, your sister Jan

  2. Judy

    Ellen, you are going to do great! I have great faith in you and can’t wait to see your adventurous travels on this great land. I have often told my children that this is my path, traveling this great country and seeing all of it’s wonders with my own set of eyes. I will follow you and hopefully be a partner of some sort on your travels,,, Love you to no end… Don’t forget, Seattle in October, I will be waiting…. Love you!!

  3. AL from The Bayfield Bunch

    There is a great big adventure going on out here that many are unaware of, some not interested, & a great majority of folks who are unable to make their dreams come true. Glad to see you have grabbed onto what many of us know to be an exciting lifestyle. Welcome to the freedom & enjoyment of RVing. All the best in your upcoming travels Ellen & you are truly in for some amazing times:))

    1. Ellen Darby

      Thanks so much, Al! Appreciate you posting and do look forward to meeting up with you guys some day on the road!!!

  4. Anna

    Hay ellen are you coming to florida. Let me know if you plan to. I come see you. If you come to orlando i come see you . have a safe trip.


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